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Advanced Search

To use advanced search, click the Advanced link next to the Search button.
See Description of Fields for details of the search and limit fields.
Search For
See Search Fields for a list of fields you can search.
You can search multiple fields at once. Example: Title=Hamlet&Author=Shakespeare
See Boolean Operators for combining search terms with AND, OR and NOT.
Limit To
You can limit to one or more sources (Library Catalog, Digital Repository, and/or Colorado State University Libraries Website).
Use a range of publication dates by entering a year in the From and To boxes.
  • You can leave either or both boxes blank, e.g. From 2005 to (blank) will find all items published in the year 2005 or later.
  • You can also click the "since 2005" link to save typing.
To search only items that are illustrated or full text, select Yes below Illustrated Items or Full Text Items.
To prevent word stemming, click No below Stemming.
Click a call number, format, location and/or language to limit your search.
  • To choose multiple values for any of these limits, hold down the Ctrl or Shift key while clicking.
  • Locations and languages are sorted by the number of items in the catalog. Click the sort button to sort alphabetically.

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